Car expert service partner return or refuse your request if:-

  • Your vehicle when it is on private property, for example garage premises. The car expert partner  will be entitled to refuse service unless you can establish to its satisfaction that you have the permission of the relevant owner or occupier.
  • If vehicle is total loss(.major loss)
  • Any kind of fire related.
  • The Car expert will not give a refund (in whole or in part) of any payment made in the event that, during the period of cover, any cancellation or alteration of cover is requested.
  • Where you have been refused service as a result of your vehicle being deemed dangerous or unroadworthy.
  • We did not gave permisson to assist any kind of mechanical and electrical complains on those vehicles whom .LPG and CNG kits are fitted.customers are requested to give clear information before requesting to assist.
  • Routine maintenance and running repairs, such as radios, interior light bulbs, heated rear windows.
  • Having your vehicle stored or guarded in your absence.
  • The car expert reserves the right to cancel the request if the maximum number of call and request made by the customer for the same is exceeded ,and in that event no refund of payment shall be made.
  • If you have a problem with our service We want to resolve any complaint or dispute for you as quickly as possible.
    send an email to:-
    write to us at      :-  Car expert nepaniya Square,Dewas naka,Indore                                         (M.P.)
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