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Car expert service is designed for all car owners to get immediate and hassle free service in any car breakdown and maintenance services anywhere in INDIA (now in INDORE only) .

We provides road side assistance service on the road or at home through an  Android app that always connects you to the closest and best available services provider.  

Visit our website or download the Car expert app from the google play Store. The service will be activated once all necessary personal and vehicle information has been submitted . You will receive an message confirmation of your activation within an hour. 


Request roadside assistance through our app.

  1. Run the car expert app on your  Android Phone.  
  2. Login using your username and password
  3. Tap the "emergency service" button at  the main screen
  4. Select the service you require
  5. "Click Submit’ to recieve the service call
  6. A message will pop up on the app indicating that a Roadside Assistance Provider is on the way
  7. You can watch them approach on the map
  8. You can click the "Phone" button to call them (if required)
  9. Make payment through UPI/Debit/Credit and give feedback .




Car expert will send the closest tow Service Provider to arrange towing service. The Service Provider will tow your vehicle to any destination of your choice or to our Service Center Partner.

 kindly  use the front wheel toe if wheels are in moving condition or book flatbed if wheels are not in moving condition.


Car expert will send the closest Service Provider to arrange accident towing service. The Service Provider will tow your vehicle from the accident scene to the location of your choice.


Car expert will send the closest Service Provider to arrange battery boost service. The Service Provider will attempt to re-start your vehicle by boosting the vehicle battery. If the vehicle will not start, then select the toe service 


Car expert will send the closest Service Provider to arrange fuel delivery service. The Service Provider will deliver an emergency supply of fuel up to 5 ltrs For safety reasons.

LOCK-OUT SERVICE(door lock key inside)

Car Expert will send the closest Service Provider to arrange lock-out service. The Service Provider will attempt to open your vehicle through the passenger compartment door only, using lock-out servicing equipment. Customers are solely responsible for any damage resulting from this entry attempt. If keys are locked in the trunk and there is access to the trunk from the passenger compartment through a trunk release or fold-down seats, the Service Provider will unlock the doors using lock-out service equipment. If there is no access to the trunk from the passenger compartment ,then book toe service and send the car to our workshop partner.


Car expert will send the closest Service Provider to arrange a flat tyre change. The Service Provider will attempt to remove your flat tyre and install your spare tyre, provided the spare is in safe operating condition. A tow can be required if your spare is not safely operable. If flat tyre change is required while the vehicle is disabled on a busy highway and/or intersection, the vehicle will first be towed to a safer location and the flat tyre will then be replaced.


car expert will send the closest Service Provider to arrange extrication/winching service. The Service Provider will attempt to extricate vehicles from any ditch, mud, sand or snow, provided it has become stuck in an area immediately adjacent to a regularly traveled road and can be safely reached with standard automobile servicing equipment.


All private cars and commercial Taxi (car segment) which are  not older than 10 years from date of manufacture.

We did not assist or deal in hospital or school vans.(due to speed governer fitted and some other reasons)




Car expert strives to provide the finest Emergency Roadside Assistance through an independent Service Provider Network in indore. However, since these Service Providers are independently owned and operated, Car expert cannot assume liability for any loss or damage to a member’s vehicle or personal property, for loss of time or inconvenience, for rental or replacement of vehicle, for personal injury or any other special, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages, howsoever caused. 

But we assured you that all our expert partners are highly skilled and well trained ,and do not have any negative intention.we all are get together to give you the best service experience.


we accept payment through UPI/debit/credit/cash etc.

 Our Road Side Assistance Number is 7489224920

Cancelling a callout

If you cancel a callout after we’ve dispatched the roadside contractor and they are on the way to your location, we consider the callout to be completed, whether the roadside contractor has arrived or not.

If you make another request for assistance for that same event, you must pay for it.

Recording calls -----To ensure the quality of our services your                                                  telephone calls with us may be monitored and recorded.

If we can’t provide the service

We may not be able to provide the service, or there may be delays if:

• there are not enough resources in the area where you’ve broken down (for example there are no tow trucks or repairers available)

• the circumstances are beyond our control, such as extraordinary delays caused by extreme weather conditions, a roadblock or diversion, a serious accident or traffic congestion

• there are unexpected or disruptive events such as war, strikes, storms, floods, acts of terrorism, or other acts of God that prevent us from assisting you.

 Suspending or cancelling the any assistence service
We can block your number or cancel the service immediately if you don’t pay the charges (or any extra fee) when it’s due.
      We cannot cancel your assistence service when our partner service provider is on the way to attend you,at this time you are liable to pay our charges and take legal action against anyone who uses our service dishonestly.
These terms and conditions are current as at 07/04/2020, but are subject to change.
If you have a problem with our service We want to resolve any complaint or dispute for you as quickly as possible.
You can: call us on 7489224920 
send an email to:-  carexperttechnician@gmail.com
write to us at      :-  Car expert nepaniya Square,Dewas naka,Indore                                         (M.P.)
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